Kiddie Palace

Kiddie Palace

We have a passion for education and providing the best care possible for your child(ren). We understand how precious each child is, and how they flourish and grow in the right environment. When you entrust us with your little one(s) you can be assured that each child receives an abundance of love and attention from us. We have a wholesome family-centric environment that fosters patience, love, nurturing and education excellence.

We care for infants and children from the ages from under 1yrs old up to 6yrs old (Grade R).

Hours & Holidays

We, when we partner with you in looking after your child(ren), ensure that we are readily available and fit into your busy schedule. We are open bright and early at 6am Monday to Friday and close in the evenings at 6pm Monday to Friday.

We are open all year round and only close for 3 short weeks in December to aid us in preparing for the following year and ensuring that our educational programs are fresh and up to date.


We are accessible and affordable, and we charge no registration fees or annual fees. We even offer discounts for siblings and for advance payments.

Our Full day (6am to 6pm) monthly fees are only R3 700.

Our Half day (6am to 2.30pm) monthly fees are only R3 500.

All meals, snacks, stationary, toiletries, sunhats and bedding are supplied by us which saves you the additional cost and effort of having to organize these.


We believe in transparency and providing you with peace of mind. To give you the best possible experience we have invested in full surveillance system throughout the school. Our feeds are protected from the public and you can access them in real time from your Parent Portal which you can sign up for at the school. Our cameras are live all day from 6am to 6pm giving you full uninterrupted coverage. Sunday Times even ran an article on our system which you can read here.

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What Our Families are Saying

“ Kiddie Palace has been a great place for our kids as they have developed very well in the past few months they have been there. Our kids feel very happy and they are eager to return every day for the daily fun. Keep up the good work and thank you Kiddie Palace ”

Anny and Patrick Fokam

“ Kiddie Palace has been a home away from home for 2 of my kids so far and I have been most impressed by how school-ready my first daughter was after just a year and a half at the school.  The staff is friendly and very accommodating which make it quite easy for a parent to comfortably leave kids at the school”

Hans Modipane
“Kiddie Palace has helpful approachable staff that are always willing to assist and concern in a kind caring manner.”
Babalwa Dakela
“I have taken my daughter to numerous schools and I have never been happier since she come to Kiddie palace”

“It warms my heart when my daughter wakes up on a Saturday morning and asks to go to school.  It shows me how happy she is.  Kiddie Palace is a place where my daughter can learn in a loving, safe and warm environment”

Sara Bennetts

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